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The Next New High Sulphidation Gold Discovery?

As this is my first technical post on Kangari’s website blog, I wanted to make it big. So, here’s some info on what could be the world’s next biggest High Sulphidation Gold Deposit. I posted this image on LinkedIn of what I believe, could be the next largest new HS gold discovery. To see a bit more info, google the words: imac high sulphidation gold prospect. It is my firm belief that the next major HS gold discoveries could be made in the Central Volcanic Belt of Iran (barring the political ramifications). I believe that belt holds similar potential to the Andean Volcanic Belt of South America where the world’s greatest number and largest high sulphidation gold deposits are located. And this mountain, I have named the IMAC prospect, could be that next biggest HS discovery. Outcropping massive vuggy silica and silica-hematite breccias covering multiple sq km’s is surrounded by a sea of argillic-hematite alteration. It has never been trenched, never been pitted and never been drilled. These images are an oblique of that mountain and a vertical image with zones of massive/vuggy silica and silica-hematite breccias outlined in red. This one could be huge.

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