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  • Mitchell Smith

Kidnapping and Ransom in W.Africa

Having recently attended a briefing by DFAT NTAC (National Threat Assessment Centre) regarding the threat of Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) in the Sahel Region, West Africa for Australian miners, these were our Key Take Aways;

1. DFAT is responsible for promoting the safety and welfare of Australians overseas. However all travellers (and their employers) have a Duty of Care.

2. The Australian Government is increasingly concerned about the growing security threats to Australians overseas, including K&R.

3. #Australia, UK and US Government’s long-standing policy is that the Government will not pay ransoms to kidnappers. #Terrorist groups often target foreigners for kidnappings. Providing funds or support to terrorist organisations is illegal under the Criminal Code Act 1995.

In High Risk Areas, you should:

* Understand the #security environment 

* Develop and exercise contingency plans 

* Get professional advice on #security measures (NOTE: this does not include Criminal K&R).

Ares Concepts welcomes enquiries from Australian Miners considering or are operating in Africa and wish to discuss their Security requirements.

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